Solace is recruiting!

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Solace is currently looking for new and active players! Primarily a PvE based guild, we also do some PvP when the mood suits, but no matter what we're doing, it's always a good time! Holiday events, server events, guild events, apocolyptic events and everything in between, rest assured we do it all! Guild participation is noticed and rewarded with promotions, gifts and an occasional underpants party! So if you're looking to climb to Hero 10, want to hit the battlefields and cover your armor with the entrails of your enemies, or if you just have really cool stuff to show off when you AFK in Heroes' Square, Solace is a great new home with opportunity waiting for you! The core guild group is on daily late p.m. to early a.m. hours est. (-5:00), but we're looking to grow with a more constant online presence! Apply or PM "Frankintosh" today!

(All applicants will be subject to full body physical including eye examination, coordination testing, and stool sample for bacterial testing, a full physical fitness exam including an 8 minute mile run, at least 4 pull-ups and a ring-out victory against our champion wrestler "Kahuna". Good luck, and thank you for taking an interest in Solace.)

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