i see many people have problems with download speed, thats ridiculouse im waiting alredy for 9h and still got 2h left , we dont lieve in 2000 anymore. im afraid if il have to update the game and another big package update comes il be downloading everything for more than 1 day or what?? any fixes or


  • Download is around 200-500kb/s Reaching Top of 1/mbs Shortly More time around 200kb/s and you gona need 12h+ to download game lol

  • cara deide ontem 10:00am baixando hoje 12:00am ta em 98% parado e falta 120h ??? que isso nadaa ver queria jogar mais vou cancela issso nao e justo!

  • Yeah, I'm having the same problem. My internet would download that in minutes, and it's on time.

  • Depends on your internet provider. If it's at peek usage times then your download rate with be slower than normal. Ran into this problem a few times myself with other games I tried to download.

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