Hello dears,
Along with greeting I want to ask if they will put the promotion back where one can buy pet crystals on the eternal magic page or in the game store. So far I have only seen that promotion once and pets are very useful. I would also like to make a recommendation, it seems to me that the prices of the mounts are very high, unattainable for most players so please review this topic, since I know many players who would be willing to buy pets and mounts but at a price more accessible. Another thing, it would be very helpful to put scrolls or other items on sale that will help you get up to experience faster because from level 60 onwards it takes a lot. Without further ado, I hope you will be well received and I wish you the best on these special dates for all of you along with your loved ones. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!.
sincerely a faithful player


  • I feel like buy mounts for a lower price it's ok, but forget about the pets.

  • Join to the Discord Community of the Game, have a channel of Suggestion and is more fast to see for the GM's

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