What kind of PvP is there ?

Hi everyone !
I've been playing for a couple of days, trying out different classes and stuff. So far, the game looks nice, except for the dodging with the shift + Key shortcut. On every other game i played, when you press W to run qnd hit shift, you dodge, here you actually need to release w then hit shift, then W. Kinda stupid and looks like a typical low investment coding but hey, it's a BETA, things can improve.

What i'm really concerned about is the PVP. It's my point of view but i hate it when you can only pvp at certain times. My job and my personal life won't allow me to play much on prime time, so if it's only BGs or Arena, when it procs and events on particular days that start at 8pm, i won't stay here. I'm asking because i saw a video of mass pvp and if it's actually a zone that's always open, and you get rewards by killing enemies, i'm down to play here for a while. So if anyone could lighten me up, it would be much appreciated !

Thanks a lot and enjoy your day ! (Hope confinement isn't hard on yall)

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