game crash / low fps

edited June 2020 in Technical Support

Before my game would continuously crash on start up, i was able to play and it was some what enjoyable. I had very very low fps when i usually get atleast 100 fps on AAA games. Im running way more than the minumum specs (R7 2700x & GTX 1080TI) and I have turned the settings all the way to low with everything off that I was able to.

This was before my game continuously crashed and needed help on trying to play. Currently when I launch the game, the window opens and then freezes and nothing happens. I left it for 10 minutes once and nothing changed. Ive re-downloaded the game 3 times now and nothing seems to be working.

If I could please get an answer I would really appreciate that. It looks like a fun game to play, just want to get into it to have a chance. Thanks

this is what happens on launch btw:
no error code

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