kicked from the server, can't enter the game anymore

edited June 2020 in Bug reports

I found a npc in Valund that said i can test gear in some instance so i was curios about that.
I got kicked from the game and now i can't login anymore. It stays at server selection, "Enter the game" fails.
I can enter the other server but i have no characters there. My main is on Andromeda.
I wonder is Andromeda is down maybe (?!?) and is not a problem with just my character .
Please fix this , i wanna play the game.


  • So, apparently the sever is down.But it also seems that companies lost respect for their customers.
    There should have been an announcement posted for hours now about the issue.
    "Hey everyone, Andromeda server is currently down and we're aware of it and we're working on
    fixing the issue. Thank you for your understanding !
    Lack of respect for your customers (i'm a customer myself cause i got premium) is poor business practice.

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