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Share your thoughts on game's features you would like to see in this discussion!


  • The main grief I have about this game is the sudden jump to october start and how the compensation effect was handled. It gave no room to upgrade to make the most of the situation and it would have been far more effective if they had given us a day or two to take advantage of it. It almost feels like a deal breaker to me, as I am not working regularly and yet crave a game to be a part of.

  • anduvius0, thank you for the feedback! Please share your thoughts on what would you like to be improved. We are constantly listening to our community.

  • pls remove the p2w elements in the cash shop, like stats in costumes or create a way for free players to obtain the premium currency. Thx

  • First off as a left handed player you need to make the keyboard mapping much much better !! Like the delete,home, and end keys are dead...these are essential to left handed players !!
    Now to the obvious...the single most posted about thing on ALL forums of ALL games is make the UI movable...seriously...why would any game company release any game without it after the millions and millions of forum posts when games are first released griping about it !!!

    Lastly come on the math...over 90 USD for ONE mount only good on ONE character??? Seriously? 40 USD for a singular hair style change on ONE character? I know that Asian based games expect to rake in the cash once the come to America but Seriously??? These types of Elir prices makes one wonder just how long you plan to stay in the US market? Is this a cash grab and shut down operation or not...if not get your prices in line with more popular games or you are doomed before you start !!

    Otherwise I love the game...plays smooth,,characters are fun...nice relaxing fun game that can challenge you at times...perfect mix !! So the game is great...just fix the easy stuff and stop the price gouging !!!

  • -The unicorn travel sometimes makes a stop that is just not necessary and it takes time. Please try to make direct routes on unicor travels.
    - As a healer me and my group sometimes have a hard time differencing the heal AOE area and other skills, even some enemies AOEs because they are all blue. The idea should be green for healing AOEs and red for any enemy AOEs.
    - A button that toggles of online/offline players in the guild/members window.
    - If its possible try to add a way in which you can earn storage/bag/skill slots ingame as a reward.

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    1. Give priest healing skills to heal more HP.
    2. Don't let potions red and blue share the same cooldown.
    3. Please make characters names more colorfull. K can' t see them in dungeons.
    4. Instance matching for chaos and hero dungeons.
    5. Character creation should have more face and hair colors and style options.
    6. Remove status from fashion at cash shop
    7. Put some fashion and hair dyes in game drop or different armours styles and colors.
  • Take Battlegrounds PVP off of a time restriction. The only time I play is in the morning, and there are no BGs around the time I play and I enjoy PvP.

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    Healing doesn't feel effective enough on heroics.
    AoE healing is way too weak and if anyone from the party other than the tank needs healing, than they're already as good as dead.
    Reducing the damage output from bosses/mechanics, buffing reduction from armor and elemental resistances and/or increasing heal effectiveness would help greatly.

  • Suggestion: take player's delay into consideration when triggering traps and bosses' hitboxes.

    It's difficult to dodge some of the game's mechanics when what we see on our screen doesn't reflect what is happening on server's end.
    That would never happen anyway because of the latency between client and server. It's even worse that you just need to touch the hazard for 1 frame for it to trigger its effects.

    It would be beneficial if the delay could be taken in account when triggering those effects.
    Like. Instead of immediately hurting the player in 1 frame, have it wait for the player to be in that danger zone for more than their delay in milliseconds or even a little bit more to be certain .

  • When can we got a char with dark/blood magic

  • Guys, a suggest .. for real
    Getting a lot karma for killing ppl in "Lava Gorge" We haven't problem about get karma but when you going to "Skeleton village" the quest there is so hard just -5 karma per quest and but what if you get 1000+ karma ? ... This make ppl stop doing open world pvp getting fear about get karma and stay in dat village for hours and hours ..
    You need make other form to clean Karma (not with gold "damm" 87k gold for clean for real?) And not being able to use teleport or flying ..
    Like others game you get Karma but you can teleport to main city or use flyings ... but ... stayed in lava per hours and hours doing just 1 quest killing 60 mobs per -5 karma when you have 1000+... for real, guys...

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    Allow us to set our fullscreen resolution by ourselves instead of having only adaptive available

  • Action Camera mode can be a considerable option, guys :wink: This is a beautiful game

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    As an exp mmorpg player, here is my suggestions at moment:

    1) I would like customize the HUD (sizes and positions)

    2) I would customize my shortcuts 100%, for instance: to use only the key SHIFT for dodge, only the key TAB for Special Skill, like stealth.

    3) I would like to lock my mouse button with camera, so I dont need press a button to rotate while I move (with AWSD)

    4) Considerate Latin America, we cant afford the gigantic dolar prices, at Brasil, each dolar = BR$ 4,20. I use to pay BR$ 18,00 for premium account per month at Neverwinter, and with you the price is BR$ 60,00. Impossible. Imagine people from other LA, that the dolar is even more expensive?

    5) I would like customize my char, with appearence (height, weight, skin color, etc), and please think about races, you have to implement that.

    6) Please considerate create themes for the game, I personally dont like that much collors and icons in the chat and in the HUD.

    7) I would like customize what I would like to see and how, like I dont want to see names, titles or HP bar of nobody, unless I pass the mouse over them. Also I would like to change font type and size from the game.

    That is it at moment. Thanks!

  • Translate the game to PT-BR and have different prices to SA players.
    SA have a big community for MMO games,use the brain or have another dead game.

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