How to use the web Storage

edited September 2019 in Technical Support

The web Storage is where all purchases made on the game’s site are delivered to, including items from previously activated promo codes and contest rewards.
Here is what the Storage page looks like:

The list of stored goods may include individual items, as well as entire sets and packs of items. To unbox a pack simply left click the “chest” icon next to them.
Left clicking on a desired item or set will move it under the “Selected items” tab. From here they can be sent directly into the game.

Below the list of selected items, you will find the character selector. Make sure it is set to the correct character if you have created more than one!
Please note: you will need to enter the game’s world with the newly created character at least once before any items can be sent to them!

The system will prompt you to confirm the transfer of item(s) to the selected character:

That’s it! In a few minutes the items will be delivered to your character’s in-game mailbox.

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