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Please can you reply on this thread about Download Speed so people can get an answer? Because im sure a lot of people have the same issue.
Like, how it possible for us (im living in EU, so for the people in EU specifically) to download the client with 0.4/0.10 MB/s? I have already played the game from the OBT, and still for some reason the client suddenly want me to download some files again with 0.3 MB/s! I made a ticket and your response is ( Your internet provider blocks or severely restricts the speed of peer-to-peer type of download.) And after i replied you just ignored me. Like, are you kidding me? This is my first time that an expert tells me ive download blocks or restricts to the speed. Please, either fix your client, or reply on this thread with a solution. Thank you!


  • i have the same problem i hope they will fix it soon...

  • same issue here! :|

  • Same problem, the game try to update, downloading at 0.3mb/s, i played the game well all days, but now inst working, my internet is not blocked. The MB count stuck at 14442.89MB out of 14786.89MB, and the % keep freeze, looks bugged.

  • @player32813895 @iloveyou @n0n0 I have notified the CMs of this issue.
    @Soes I'm from EU as well, and the download speed (and patch speed) are fine. Please be patient while they respond to your ticket, they are not ignoring you, but they are not here 24/7.

  • @player32813895 @iloveyou , I find a way to update, Run the game as Administrator and works.

  • @n0n0 that didnt work for me :(

  • @player32813895 Try using a VPN.

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    Yes, I cannot even download the client! Takes like 30+ hours? I have 100mbits download! How do you guys want to create a healthy playerbase, if people cannot even try the game? I guess they put download server somewhere in China? I cant explain the slow download speed else from Europe. Makes me wonder how laggy ingame will be? Can someone confirm if its laggy? Then I can cancel download...

  • @player32824616 For now, please try running as administrator or using a VPN to download the client. It's not laggy in-game.

  • Hey there. I am facing this issue as well. Been having the download going for 24 hours by now and it's 81% done, so still a good five hours to go. Would still love to find a fix as I can see patching in the future being absolutely dreadful to do. Kinda of wary to possibly get hooked on a game I will be forced to not play for a good day cause it's got updates, you know? Anyway, I tried to run it as an admin as well, but it won't work, I get an error saying it can't use the pipe, or something to that extent. I have already sent in a help ticket yesterday, still awaiting a response, and am wondering if anyone else has perhaps found a fix for either issue in the meantime? Thanks in advance!

  • here is the same problem the download speed is between 0.06 -020 the speed of my internet and 250mbs! There is no way to play! We can't even download the game! the minimum they could do and put more servers to download and a torrent to download because this 101xp download manager has no way to download! It's a pity for a game that looks so good and inviting already starting with this kind of download problem!

  • Same here, i can't download that with 0.20 speed lol

  • I mean, technically you CAN download the game. I managed to do so at the same snail's pace. It took almost two full days in the end, though, which... is just not something most people will have the patience for, logically. Still hoping they fix this, one way or another, losing a ton of potential players this way.

  • @Biohard1988 @Divine Warlock @ZeroPantz I have already notified them of this issue, but for now please try the solutions I suggested above as they have worked for some people. Meanwhile, if you find any other solutions please let me know.

  • @Mai The problem persists even with the solutions suggested by you! I do not understand why not put some alternative links or even a torrent so you have more than one option to download the game! I think this could solve a lot of the problems!

  • hi guys, try using ProtonVPN, works for me here, the unique VPN who works downloading this game, try connect to ur own country route and everything should be good, just need to config fast connect to your route, isn't hard, just check a little bit, connect and try downloading (open the VPN program and the download manager of the game as Administrator)

  • u have 7 free days
    the download should go down sometimes, but u guys just need wait and let this downloading (;

  • @Divine Warlock I tried with ProntoVPN and Windscribe but unfortunately the problem persists! I think I'll give up on this game!

  • @Mai Well, like I said in my previous post, I have managed to download the whole game at the snail's pace already. LOL But, as I also stated prior, I have already sent a ticket myself as well, and I know you had already notified them prior as well because you stated this earlier in this thread which I did read in its entirety. I am sure anyone who shared the issue did too since they were actively looking for a solution. If they post you can assume the suggestions already provided didn't work for them, some even state thus, as I have as well. So as much as I appreciate you responding, I'm not sure if you actually read theirs or my posts at all though, you kind of sound kind like an automated customer support response... LOL

    @Divine Warlock Thank you for the new suggestion! I can't try it now, but I will keep it in mind for the future! However, since it only has a 7 day trial, it doesn't seem to be a permanent fix to be able to download future patches, so I still hope they fix it internally at some point in the near future.

  • @ZeroPantz Some people don't read responses etc, that's why I mentioned it :smile:
    @Biohard1988 I have suggested for them to add an alternative download. I also brought this issue to their attention again yesterday.

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    I will wait 75 hour for complete download? kkk

  • :( someone found the solution to the download speed problem

  • From the moment i downloaded the installer from the website (7 times end up in fail) with speeds at 20-100 kb/s i knew it ,this is worse then Asian websites. Closed the launcher and now it doesn't even start back up...
    Can someone with a good(fast upload) internet and the complete client upload it somewhere? there are free servers faster than this.Thanks!

  • Please someone share it with a torrent link. This game center, don't start download never. I im really trying to play this game about two weeks ago. without sucess, gettin bored.

  • @Biohard1988 @Nendos @elmaton1510 @player32988130 They have recently made improvements to the download speed. Please try again and send your feedback here. :smile:
    @Kartus As this doesn't seem like an issue with the download speed, please try contacting technical support and explain the issue you're having in detail (include screenshots).

  • @Mai
    This guy from this video uploaded the game for help who can't download:

    download link:

    if u can, tag this guys who need this solved (:

  • game will loose so much players its downloading 200/kbs dude its 2020 are you kiding me??

  • @kakosimiti1 As previously mentioned, they did make improvements to the download speed which seems to have solved the issue that this thread was based upon at the time. However if you're still having issues with the download speed, please try running the launcher as administrator, or using a VPN. If none of those solutions work, then please contact technical support.
    I apologise for the late response, I was busy due to the holidays. :smile:

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